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By registering to Compact Disc Club you will enjoy all the privileges that have as members such as:

- Special offers on our luxury collections, all exclusive releases (not sold in stores), with gifts and the lowest prices ​​for which you regularly updated the way you prefer (by email, sms or by calling our call center)
- You can place your order 24/7 by calling on 210 68.88.888 or via our site www.compactdisclub.gr. - We gine the possibility to listen before you buy all of the collections you like and answer all your questions from our sales agents of our call center on+30 210 6888888 so to ensure that you choose what you like.
- After Sales support and troubleshooting on any of your problems you might have with our collections.
- Delivery direct to your door.
- Participation in contests and many more surprises that you will be informed soon.

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